Julie and Gunther

Dear Birthmother,

We really appreciate your loving and courageous decision to consider open adoption.  We chose open adoption so that our family can stay in contact with you and you can be a part of your child’s life.  Please allow us to introduce ourselves to you and let you know how our hearts desire is to provide a loving home for your child.

Our Story

We met at a celebration of a mutual friend of our parents.  From the very first moment we were very interested in each other.  Long walks with the dog and visiting places deepened our feelings for each other and the fascination of our different cultural backgrounds.  Our wedding took place in 1993 under the apple tree of Julie’s family home.  We know we have a strong relationship because of the time we invest every day.  We work hard at keeping our loving marriage alive by encouraging each other each day so it will last a lifetime.

Our Home

We live in a small town in Central California, Tehachapi, near Bakersfield.  Some of our favorite things about this town are the birds, trees, and abundance of stars. Our home is in the mountains and the air is just alive with the smells of nature.  In the winter it is a great place for sledding in the snow and in the summer there is a pool close by to swim with other kids in the area.  We also have a home in Munich, Germany.  This is a fairly large city and we live within walking distance of the zoo, which we would love to take our child to see.  We would also like to take our child to the museums, which have special exhibitions for children.

Contact Us

We are excited about the opportunity to talk with you and to get to know you.  We pray you will receive lots of support and blessings in your decision.  Please do not hesitate to contact us because we would love to speak with you.
Julie St. John and Gunther Stilgenbauer